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I work with families who have children of all ages, ranging from those at pre-school all the way through to university.

The overarching aim of my support is for the child to feel happy and confident in their own abilities, and to be and feel successful when learning. Along the way, my role is to enable children, their parents, and their schools, to understand the child’s unique learning profile, and to build on their strengths whilst sensitively addressing the areas of difficulty.

Some of the children I work with have existing diagnosed needs such as dyslexia or social communication difficulties, although not all. Indeed, often parents approach me seeking assessments of their child’s needs but are unsure who would best be placed to undertake these and for what type of difficulty. Where required, I can draw on my network of expert colleagues to undertake specialist assessments and to contribute to an interdisciplinary plan. This co-ordinated, multi-professional approach is an essential component when working with children who have additional needs.

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