Dr Susanna Pinkus

BEd. (Hons), MPhil., PhD (Cantab)

I am a highly qualified and experienced specialist educator. My expertise lies in meeting children’s educational needs and supporting parents who are concerned about aspects of their child’s educational development. With an international client base, I work with children, their parents and associated professionals, in order to achieve the best educational experience and outcomes for the child and their family.

Whatever the situation, I adopt a holistic and compassionate approach to addressing the child’s presenting needs, and establishing a bespoke, often inter-disciplinary, support plan. I see young people of all ages, from those experiencing short-term difficulties to those requiring longer term adjustments and support.

My particular areas of interest are: dyslexia, social communication difficulties, autism, attentional difficulties and behavioural issues. I also often provide an expert eye on educational matters in the media, and I am the author of How To Create A Parent-Friendly School.

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