Dr Susanna Pinkus

educational expert & inclusion specialist

Dr Susanna Pinkus


BEd. (Hons), MPhil., PhD (Cantab)

With an international client base, I work with children and young people who have a wide range of thinking and learning differences, and I provide expert educational guidance to their parents and educators.


Working holistically, and with compassion, I aim to bring back joy and confidence to the school and learning experience.


Dyslexia, social communication challenges, autism, attentional issues and behavioural needs are areas of particular passion and expertise. However, I also see children who are unhappy or felt to be underachieving at school, but it is unclear why and how to help.


Alongside bringing a young person's strengths to the forefront, I precisely pinpoint where challenges lie, and how to address them. Keeping the young person's voice at the very heart of this process is key.


I often contribute in the media, consciously using my platform to enable a better understanding of how to meet young people’s needs. I am also the author of ‘How To Create A Parent-Friendly School’.

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